1: Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens argue about the best diet for weight loss. Will they find a compromise?

2: Simone prefers a plant-based diet, while Jonathan swears by keto. Can they meet in the middle?

3: The couple's argument heats up as they debate the pros and cons of each diet plan.

4: Simone showcases her favorite vegan recipes, while Jonathan shares his go-to high-fat meals.

5: Will Simone and Jonathan reach a resolution, or is this dietary dispute driving a wedge between them?

6: As the debate rages on, the couple seeks advice from nutrition experts to settle the argument.

7: Follow along as Simone and Jonathan navigate the tricky waters of dieting and relationship compromise.

8: In the end, will Simone and Jonathan discover that the best diet is one that works for both of them?

9: Stay tuned for the conclusion of this exhilarating tale of love, food, and finding common ground.