1: Discover the world of weapons in WWE Raw and Smackdown! From steel chairs to kendo sticks, these props add excitement to the matches.

2: Real weapons like sledgehammers and steel stairs are used in intense rivalries. The impact is real and adds a dangerous element to the matches.

3: Fake weapons like foam hands and inflatable hammers are used for entertainment purposes. They may not hurt, but they still make a memorable impression.

4: WWE superstars know how to use weapons to their advantage. Whether real or fake, these props play a crucial role in storytelling and match outcomes.

5: The use of weapons in WWE matches is carefully choreographed to ensure the safety of the performers. They undergo training to handle the props effectively.

6: Fans love the excitement that weapons bring to WWE matches. Whether it's a steel chair shot or a ladder dive, these moments are unforgettable.

7: Some weapons, like tables and ladders, have become iconic in WWE history. They are synonymous with extreme matches and unforgettable moments.

8: The use of weapons adds drama and excitement to WWE matches. They create a sense of unpredictability and bring the element of danger to the ring.

9: Whether real or fake, weapons are a vital part of WWE storytelling. They amplify the intensity of rivalries and contribute to the overall entertainment value.