1: "Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary with a quiet dinner at home."

2: "The couple enjoyed a romantic stroll in their Montecito neighborhood, reflecting on their journey together."

3: "Harry surprised Meghan with a bouquet of her favorite flowers, making her smile."

4: "They shared a special toast with champagne, reminiscing about their wedding day."

5: "Harry and Meghan exchanged heartfelt letters reaffirming their love for each other."

6: "The couple watched their wedding video, reliving the magical moments from their big day."

7: "Harry cooked a delicious meal for Meghan, showcasing his culinary skills."

8: "They danced together in their backyard under the stars, lost in each other's arms."

9: "Harry and Meghan ended the night with a private screening of their favorite movie, cherishing their time together."