1: "Tony and Ziva's Reunion" The long-awaited reunion between fan-favorite characters Tony and Ziva was a defining moment in the spinoff series.

2: "Michael Weatherly Returns" Fans rejoiced when Michael Weatherly reprised his role as Tony for the new NCIS spinoff with Cote de Pablo.

3: "Cote de Pablo's Epic Comeback" Cote de Pablo's return as Ziva marked a major turning point in the series, captivating viewers with her powerful performance.

4: "Their Unbreakable Bond" Tony and Ziva's chemistry and undeniable connection on-screen defined the heart of the NCIS spinoff, making it a must-watch.

5: "Action-Packed Adventures" From thrilling chase scenes to intense interrogation moments, the NCIS spinoff with Tony and Ziva delivered non-stop excitement.

6: "Intriguing Plot Twists" Surprising plot twists and unexpected developments kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the series.

7: "Heart-Wrenching Goodbyes" Emotional farewells and heartfelt goodbyes brought tears to the eyes of fans as Tony and Ziva's journey came to an end.

8: "Legacy of Tony and Ziva" The legacy of Tony and Ziva lives on in the hearts of fans, who continue to cherish their iconic moments in the NCIS spinoff.

9: "A New Chapter Begins" As the spinoff series with Tony and Ziva concludes, a new chapter begins, promising even more unforgettable moments to come.