1: Upgrade your tuna salad with avocado and sprouts for a nutritious twist on a classic sandwich.

2: Try a Mediterranean-inspired tuna salad with olives, feta, and sun-dried tomatoes for a flavorful breakfast option.

3: Mix tuna salad with green apple and walnuts for a crunchy and sweet twist on a traditional sandwich.

4: Spice up your tuna salad with sriracha and cucumber slices for a refreshing and spicy kick in your sandwich.

5: Tuna salad with hummus and roasted red peppers creates a rich and creamy twist on a classic breakfast option.

6: For a protein-packed breakfast, add hard-boiled eggs and pickled onions to your tuna salad sandwich twist.

7: Make a tropical twist on your tuna salad sandwich with pineapple chunks and shredded coconut for a sweet and savory flavor.

8: Combine tuna salad with cranberries and almonds for a festive twist on a classic sandwich that's perfect for the holiday season.

9: Switch up your breakfast routine with these 4 tuna salad sandwich twists that are sure to satisfy your hunger and boost your energy for the day.